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Smoke Accessories in Medford, OR

Smoke Products, Glass in Medford, OR - Sky High Smoke N' Accessories
Buying and maintaining the accessories that you need for your lifestyle can be a challenge. That's why so many customers visit Sky High Smoke N' Accessories in Medford, OR. Our employees are well-educated regarding the products we sell, and you can come to us for recommendations or just to resupply what you already have.

Our inventory of smoke accessories is amazing, and we get new stuff in every day. If you need something basic, such as a lighter and an ashtray, we can hook you up. We also sell vaporizers and the accessories needed for the vaping lifestyle. If you're looking for cool clothing that makes a statement, we have something for you.

Just A Few Products We Sell

• Waterpipes
• Handpipes
• Hookas
• Shisha
• Scales
• Posters
• Tapestries
• Incense,
• Clothing
• Stash Hats
• Jewelry
• Jars
• Containers
• Padded Pouches
• Ashtrays
• Snuffers
• Lighters
• Detox
• Cleaners
• Footbags
• Games
• Candles
• Vaporizers
• Extraction Equipment
• Butane
• 710 Glass
• Kratom
New Items Arriving Daily
Incense, Candles in Medford, OR - Sky High Smoke N' Accessories


Our shop carries items from a large number of brand names. We have inventory from companies like:
• Pax
• Volcano
• Vaporall
• Special K
• D-Nail
• TrimBros
• Lucienne
• OPMS Kratom
• High Tech Glass
• Slum Gold
Our price point is usually better than our competitors, and we employ people who know a lot about the products and the lifestyle. New items come in every day, and we have more choices than we can possibly list. Pay a visit to Sky High Smoke N' Accessories or call us at 541-622-8181, and we'll help you learn more about our inventory.